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This is video #3 for the free video course. A short DRAFT (not finished yet!) transcript is posted below.

Download your your free ebook resources from this page.

With this course you’re going to have three ebooks to help you structure your thinking about how to find your next job.

The videos that you have for this course are all very important and very helpful, but we want you to have a lot more material and to understand things like how to respond to an advertisement,  details about resumes and CVs, and much more.  When we do a video we try to keep people interested, so we try to keep them about five to eight minutes long.  That means we can’t get into a lot of detail, but you can find the detail with your EFL ebooks.  You can download them on this page. They are free.   They include ideas on how to market yourself, CVs/resumes in detail, and what you need to know about contracts

One of your ebooks is a ten-week plan to get yourself abroad and it starts with just applying to get a password. It will walk you through the process organizing your paperwork and documents for your job search and move. It includes how to research the job, how to research your employer, research your accommodate and more.  There is even summary checklist for you to help organize everything

Also included in your ebooks are cultural issues and how to best set your attitude to be successful in a culture that is not your own. We even cover the number one mistake expatriate wannabes make – that attitude, the valued Western trait, that can spell disaster in the non-western world.

Download your ebooks below. Each ebook will open a new tab/window.

CLICK HERE to download How to Teach English Overseas
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CLICK HERE to download How to Land a Job Teaching English Abroad
CLICK HERE to download How to Survive and Thrive Overseas


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