How to Get that Job Teaching English Abroad

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TEFL eBooks is releasing the second edition of their classic How to Land a Job Teaching English Abroad.  It’s subtitled, What you must know for an effective job search and its packed full of little tips to help you succeed.  This eBook is also free over at TEFL Boot Camp HERE.

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The eBook is designed to help you find your way around the more common pitfalls of those looking for work abroad.

Section One of this publication includes tips on how to respond to an advertisement.  Section Two explains how resumes and CVs are different when applying for a teaching job in the non-Western world.  Do you know you need to have your photo on that resume?

Section Three gives you some tips about how to better market yourself.   Section Four will give you some insights about contracts.

Most important of all . . . do know what employers are really looking for?  A grammar whiz?  A perfect accent (whatever that is!)?  Most employers are looking for someone who is friendly and easy to get along with.  Of course, they want to know also that you are reliable and stable, but everyone looks for that.  Workplace harmony is a more important factor outside the Western world most of us are familiar with.

The second edition of this book is an update of the original so if you are on the mailing list already,  you have the older copy.   You probably don’t want to get on the mailing list twice (as enjoyable as that might be 🙂 ), so use the contact form HERE and ask us to just directly send the new version to you.

This newer version should be a lot easier to read on a iPad or other tablet type reader.  We’ll have a Kindle version out eventually.

Ted’s Tips™ #1:  The price is right, so grab a free copy even if you are an old hand.  You might pick up a new trick or two. As always, let us know what you think of it.

Free TEFL eBooks – How to Teach English Overseas

And Secrets to Success Abroad

TEFL Boot Camp is offering a free download of their new publication Seven Secrets of Success Abroad – and along with it comes a bi-weekly installment and revision of their eBook called How to Teach English OverseasCLICK HERE to get the free ebooks.

Great reviews for the Secrets of Success eBook – in spite of the hokey name – and the How to Teach English eBook is being updated and rewritten and sent out in installments as it is ready.




Please let me know what you think of the ebooks.

I confess both eBooks are written by yours truly – hoping to inspire others to head overseas and live life BIG out in the real world. I would value your feedback!