Landing a Job Teaching English Overseas: Introduction

This is video #1, which starts the course. See the DRAFT (not finished yet!) transcript below.

Introduction to the free course: How to find and land a great TEFL jobs overseas.

Okay let’s get started!

What I want to do is to walk you through the whole process of finding and landing a good job and help you with the step-by-step process.  Like a good painter will tell you, preparation is more than half of the job.

Doing your research, and planning and finding the things that you need to learn will make a big difference in this process for you.  I’ll help you work through it.  Here is a list of just some of the topics of the course: twenty important questions to ask yourself before you go, so this is kind of a self-assessment. It’s about, Would I succeed? Would I like it?  Is it good for me to go? It’s a bit of introspection. A TEFL life overseas is not for everybody. Life overseas is not always easy, it can be a challenge, but you can view it as difficulty or as a challenge.

Next, realize before you start your search that there’s a lot of things you need to know. Which countries are you qualified for?  Don’t spin your wheels,  Here is some of the research that you will need to do before you start your job search. What about passports? Organizing things at home before you go? Thinking through that process a little. How to prepare an international CV/resume. What’s the difference between a CV/resume that employers like to look at or that they going to throw in the trash?

It is best to focus on a country and then focus on a job.  It’s important to know where you fit. Know what country you might qualify for and then focus on the kind of job you might want.

It makes a difference whether you want to apply online or apply in country. Both have advantages. We will talk about that and we’ll talk about what works best for teachers even at 60+ years old. Seventy-year-old teachers can still get jobs. How to prepare for an interview in person or online. There’s a big section here on interviews. It’s not hard to get an interview. It’s not necessarily hard to get the job, but we want you to succeed with the RIGHT job. We have some questions you should ask during the interview so you know how to qualify the job –  do you want  that job offer? What are some important red flags to think about? There definitely are a few scams, so be careful! I’ll tell you exactly what they are.

For the first job I took overseas I took a great big giant trunk with me and I spent hundreds of dollars on overweight fees. You don’t have to do that! Often times things are far cheaper overseas than they are at home, so you can just come and get what you need locally. 

We cover how to adapt culturally and succeed. Even in our own cultures research says 80% of the people who were fired from jobs are fired NOT because they don’t have the skills for the job, but because their social skills were not adequate for the job.  Many people working abroad don’t know how to behave in the local culture.  Now… the nice thing is that when you go to a new culture there’s a whole new set of rules, so it can become just like a nice fun game.

The last step is coming home. How to prepare the way to come home and make it a win-win. What are the things you need to do while you’re gone to make sure that you’re going to succeed when you come home?

Those are a few of the basic ideas about what we’re going to cover in this course and we’ll try to keep all of the videos even shorter than this one. So have a little patience getting started and we’re going to start the show right now.  Go on to the next video on the next page:

The next video (#2) is here: Where Do You Fit in TEFL?

How to Land a TEFL Job Overseas: Free Video Course

How to Land a TEFL Job Overseas

A free video-based course: see also the DRAFT (not finished yet!) transcript below.

How to Land a Job Teaching English Overseas: Free Course!

Twenty great videos!

I thought I’d make this little video about why you might want to take this FREE video course. If you’re thinking about teaching English overseas this course will help you figure out the whole process of how to apply for a job, how to find the jobs, interview questions, interviewing skills, what schools are looking for in a teacher and much more.

This course is just like sitting down with a good friend who’s been teaching English overseas for over 25 years who’s going to talk you through the whole process step by step.

Here we have everything you need such as: twenty important questions to ask yourself to evaluate your readiness, how to apply online or in country, how to get ready for that interview, what are the red flags and scams to watch for, what to take with you when you go, how to adapt culturally and succeed and much more.

We cover a lot of information about interviews about how to train in country or even online. In addition we have twenty short videos, a little bit over two hours woth, but they’re all pretty short so they are easy to digest.

Along with the course, you’re going to get three free ebooks to help make all this much more clear for you. They include: How to Teach English Overseas: a 10-Week Plan, How to Land a Job Teaching English Abroad, The EFL Job Search Guide and How to Survive and Thrive Overseas. Those are your resource ebooks and just as much as the videos, these are reference materials you can go back and look at much more in-depth.

I’m going to walk you through the whole process and you can be confident about finding a job whether you have a degree or not or even if you’re not a native speaker. I can help you walk through that process to land a good job.

Each of the twenty videos and pages of this course will feature a video and a transcript of that video. The videos will each cover one critical area of the job search process. Truly it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not, if you are native speaker or not, YOU can and will find a good job out there. Sometimes you may need to adjust your job search strategy a bit, but I am here to help you with that.

Finding a job teaching English abroad has never been easier.

Go to the first video of the course: How to Find and Land a TEFL Job Overseas.