TEFL Job Options: More than you Know

What kind of TEFL job can I look for?

We have no idea how many types of TEFL jobs exists…more than what we know of, more than we can imagine.

EFL instruction is needed in almost every area of any kind of International business and or industry.

Most non-English speaking countries have big EFL industries to teach English to children and or adults. Their universities have EFL programs for students.  But these are the more traditional jobs.

More TEFL Options

International airlines often need EFL training for their staff, as well as travel agencies and tour guides, resorts and hotels, scuba instructors and just about anyone who is dealing with tourism and hospitality.

International hospitals in major cities around the world hire EFL staff to teach their nurses and staff how to communicate with their patients, who come from around the world.

EFL instruction is even needed in the Army, Navy and Air Force as well as the Police Force in countries and cities where English speaking tourists and residents are common.

This is good news!

This means that as a newbie in the TEFL world you may be able to find a teaching job related to your interest and previous employment. If you have the experience in a specific field you would be considered a natural. You will have the knowledge of the special vocabulary and specific terminology. You willl be the preferred hire.

Keep an open mind

You need to get creative looking for all those job possibilities. They exist but not all of them are traditionally, regularly and widely advertised. The most obvious place to ask about these jobs would be the Internet’s TEFL discussion boards. Be careful though, many of these jobs might are not familiar to the typical poster on the Internet’s TEFL discussion boards and you may hear your question or idea pooh-poohed.

TED’s Tips™ #1: Find a job related to your skills and experience.

Almost everyone has a unique set of skills, talent and experiences in different fields. If your skills are worth anything, exploit them and use them to your advantage.

TED’s Tips™ #2: The best job might not be splashed online

If you are looking for an English teaching job in a specific field, don’t expect to find the job in the traditional ‘TEFL teaching jobs’ section online. It might not be advertised in the usual way. It might not be advertised at all!

One of the best examples is the Resort and Hospitality Industry. Many major five and six star resorts don’t advertise their job openings because they will get swamped with eager applications from eager applicants wanting to get a “dream job” in a resort setting. If you have experience in the hospitality industry (waiter/waitress, hostess etc), take the chance and call the resort to present yourself, even if it is unexpected.

An example from the past: A few years ago LeMeridien Resort on Phuket Island advertised for an English Teacher. Sixty people applied, but only twenty were willing to travel to Phuket for the interview. In the end only three showed up! If you have the specific industry experience and if you know what and how to teach, you have a huge advantage!

TED’s Tips™ #3: If you want to work in an “outside the box” occupation like TEFL, it is good to consider conducting your job search in a non-traditional manner. There are some quite unusual settings for you to work. More options than you can imagine.

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Author: Ted

Semi-retired EFL teacher/teacher-trainer working and living abroad since 1989 in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.