Do you REALLY need to spend a fortune on a TEFL Cert?

Online TEFL Certification is an Option These Days

This week’s question is the headline:

Do I really need a course that costs me any where from $900-$2500 for a certificate? Is there any way to do this cheaper, I want to be a good teacher but if it truly costs that much it’s kinda insane.

The Answer:

Do you really need such a course and is there a way to do it cheaper?

Well . . . yes and no. If you want to be a “good teacher” then taking a good course will help a LOT.

However, I quite understand that it is very expensive. You could take an online course to get the basics with an eye toward taking a full blown course when you have saved a bit and made some real money. A few countries are happy to see that you did ANYTHING to learn about how to teach and some will accept almost anything.

China will accept an online course, pretty much ANY online course. That and your degree can get you, sometimes, even a college teaching position. Korea doesn’t require a TEFL cert but if you have one, you can move to the front of the line having demonstrated at least an interest in learning how to do the job well.

A few countries, Thailand and Indonesia as examples, require a TEFL Certification and want the full blown in-class – yes, spend-a-lot-of-money one. If you want to teach there, then into the classroom you go. And shell out the money.

There is even a hybrid type of TEFL Cert where you take the course online but do observed teaching practice somehow somewhere. The details are usually not difficult to work out and that option might be a good one for many people.

If you want to get the basics, enough so that you have an idea about how to go about things AND how to gradually improve yourself, but if money is a BIG issue – probably TEFL Boot Camp’s Online TEFL Certification is one of the best. Probably the least expensive, but written by experienced teachers – for teachers.

TED’s Tips™ #1: If money is a major problem (it is for many of us!) – try online first. Teach a bit, save some money – then get the Full Monty.

TED’s Tips™ #2: Even if a certification is not required, getting one does demonstrate to a potential employer that you have an interest in doing the job well. Enough so that you spent some time and money to improve your skills. Yes, that does say something about you.

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