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  1. Hi Jeff,
    If your student loans are holding you back, go somewhere that you can make a decent savings per month, for a newbie in the profession that would likely be Korea. Get some good experience then cherry-pick a good job in Latin America. International hospitals, medical/nursing schools/colleges/universities etc would be good places to begin your search. For a place like Korea you might have to start at a language school, but focus on teaching adults. TEFL is like any job, for entry level positions you’ll need to sometimes take that less than perfect job.
    But in Korea you can easily SAVE US$1000 a month. Almost impossible to do at entry level for any other type of work.
    I hope that helps.

  2. Hey Ted!

    I have read through your sites & many others–but they haven’t been as…transparent AND as encouraging about the TEFL industry.

    I have been in & out of the job market due to some health issues related to diabetes. Things seem to be in really good shape now. Still overweight, but that’s improving as well. I am 50.

    I have a Master of Arts in Religion, ordained Chaplain, and my experience has ranged from mental health therapist, (private)high school teacher, cab driver, convenience store clerk, webmaster, network administrator –“professionally” i.e. paid. Scouting for 30+ years, youth ministry volunteer.

    I am also a veteran (Army) and was stationed in Germany for 2 years in addition to several stations stateside.

    I studied German in high school (7-12th), Chinese in college, a bit of Spanish in Germany while there, and Greek/Hebrew while in seminary.

    It will take a bit of reworking, but I should have a pretty solid resume regarding teaching experience.

    I have seen your recommendations for China & S. Korea as well as parlaying experience and education for business english, university, etc “as opposed to” hagwon or public schools.

    I like the idea of saving money rather than spending it all on lavish lifestyles.

    I do not have a TEFL certification, although I have heard that the TEFL BootCamp is pretty thorough!

    I have potential contacts in both China and Korea. Having a bit of familiarity with Mandarin would be helpful dealing with life outside of the classroom, and I have wanted to learn tai chi for ages! On the other hand, I would like to maintain my affiliation with Scouting and could easily find either a BSA troop (near a military base) or ROK troop to help.

    Being a TEFL newbie, I wonder whether I should see what I can find on my own, say at a university, or look for a good recruiter (like Footprints–their site looks pretty solid.)

    I am a bit concerned about the age thing, although I understand that it’s improving.

    I would appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Hello Jeff,
    At age 50 a TEFL certification will help you overcome most of the ageism that exists in some TEFL markets and help you compete. There are jobs that focus more on teaching adults than kids and you might want to head in that direction. Recruiters are usually fine, just pay attention and don’t assume they are always working in your best interest. Do anything and everything to increase your opportunities and advantage – that includes a TEFL cert, recruiter, personal contact and anything else that might help. Your age is not so advanced. A university position in China (if you have a TEFL cert) will be easy to arrange.
    I hope that helps.

  4. Hello Ted!
    I won’t be the first one telling you this website is really helpful:-D
    I’d like to leave my email address here since my questions are more private, although if they will be of any help, I can paste them here.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Zanee,
    Unless your questions are extremely personal, please ask directly on the comments form. Usually at least ten other people will have exactly the same questions and another hundred will have similar or related questions. So you help everyone by asking. So – please ask!

  6. Hey Ted! How are you? I found your website while surfing TELF. I have a bachelors degree in management and currently pursuing a masters degree in Educational Technology Leadership. I also am a single father of a 6 year old girl and she lives with me. She will be traveling with me. I have no prior teaching experience but i would love to teach english in other countries. I dont particular like EU. I like the Thailand, China, and all of central & south american countries. Can you give me any advise on how i can teach english abroad? Am i qualified to teach even though i only have a bachelors degree? I dont have any certifications either. Could you please give me some advise. I wouldnt mind teaching k-6 but i prefer teaching 6-12 and adults and even college.

    thanks in advance! I love your site!

    Las Vegas

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