Are you Supposed to Know EVERYTHING?

Some newbie or wannabe teachers of English fear that they have to know everything about English and about teaching before they can step into a classroom.

My #1 advice? Don’t worry about it. The smartest teachers know that they don’t know everything and keep good resources on hand to help them when it is needed.

The most skilled teachers I ever worked with were at the IPA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  A relevant master’s degree was required to teach there and quite a few teachers also had Ph.D.s  Yet – we all asked more questions of each other than any other place I ever worked.

Don’t fear looking stupid by asking questions.  That is the only way to increase your skill level and general knowledge about English.  The smartest and best teachers do it,  you should too.  As a good back up, find yourself some good resource materials – either scanned or digital media to take with you.

TED’s Tips™ #1: English is a good place to find good trial materials for teachers.  You download materials free and if you like them and or want to keep them – then you buy them.  It saves you the trouble of spending a lot of money on something and then finding it isn’t exactly what you wanted or needed.

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Author: Ted

Semi-retired EFL teacher/teacher-trainer working and living abroad since 1989 in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.